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Protect Your Project With Smart Disposal- Items To Avoid Throwing In Your Roll-Off Dumpster

If you're faced with a big clean out job, renting a roll off dumpster is an important step to take to guarantee the process goes as smoothly as possible. However, if you're not careful with your disposal habits, what starts out as a well-intended plan might quickly turn into a whole new set of complications.
Many people are under the impression that renting a dumpster means being able to toss any items they want at any time. While the level of service you'll receive from your roll off service is incredibly high, even trash disposal professionals might struggle to process some times of particularly nefarious waste.
Below, you'll find a guide to some items that you should avoid disposing of in a roll off dumpster. Keeping these restrictions in mind can help guarantee that your clean out project goes as smoothly as possible and can put you in a position to guarantee your work isn't disrupted by an additional layer of cleaning work.

Flammable Chemicals

Most people don't spend a great deal of time monitoring the conditions inside of their dumpster for potential sources of trouble. This can be a particular concern if you introduce flammable materials and accelerants into the mix, as any ignition source could start a small fire burning that might smolder for an extended period of time before anyone notices.
Flammable chemicals are also likely to give off noxious fumes that could risk the health of anyone near by. This combination of concerns makes the inside of a dumpster a particularly concerning environment, so if you're faced with trashing flammable items, you should look for alternate methods of handling that problem. Get in touch with your dumpster service and ask them if they can suggest a chemical processing facility that's better equipped to handle those concerns.

Air Conditioning Components

If you're fully gutting a house, you're likely to find yourself dealing with dated household systems that may not be salvageable. Included among these is likely to be an air conditioner, and if it's an older model, it's likely to have some toxic elements that make it unsuitable for your dumpster. While ductwork and returns can be safely tossed if you're not planning to recycle the metal, the compressor itself needs to be preserved.
Air conditioners contain freon, which is used to provide the chill in the air. While it's safe as long as it's contained in your air conditioner, freon is classified as a pollutant by many disposal sites due to the risk it poses to ground water. Since an air conditioner in a landfill is likely to be compressed and then leak into the soil, they generally need to be excluded from your dumpster loads.

Computer Parts

Not all hazardous waste comes from days gone by. The modern economy and the explosion of computer technology has introduced a new challenge into the waste disposal process, and it's important that you make sure electronic waste doesn't enter your dumpster. Specialized disposal sites are available, and you should endeavor to find one in your area.
In many cases, technological components can be recycled for use among underprivileged people or in an educational environment. Even if that's no longer possible with a given piece of technology, the heavy metals and other contaminants located in the components make most computers unsuitable for landfill disposal.
Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters has a fleet of dumpsters ready and waiting to meet your every disposal needs. Following these suggestions should help guarantee a positive rental experience and should help build the foundation for a long relationship with a professional disposal company moving forward. 

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