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Dumpster Rental Tips to Keep Your Neighbors Happy

From extensive home de-cluttering projects to remodels, two things are for sure — a lot of work is involved, and a lot of waste is produced. Given the high volume of waste that comes along with these massive undertakings, keeping the waste contained is important if you want to keep your neighbors happy.
Dumpster rentals provide a secure and efficient solution to this problem. If you're planning to embark on a home project, learn what neighbor-friendly dumpster practices you can use to be the best neighbor.

Get Permission

If you live in a subdivision or gated community, contact your homeowners' association organization before arranging for delivery of the dumpster. These organizations have a list of guidelines by which all residents must abide, and restrictions on dumpster rentals are sometimes included.
Although this may not be a complete ban on a rental, there may be restrictions that designate where on the property the dumpster can be housed or the size of container permitted. Avoid a violation by collecting this information first.
Even if you don't live in one of these communities if the layout of your property requires that the dumpster is placed on the street, sidewalk, or another public area, you may need to obtain a permit from the county.

Alert Your Neighbors

It's your property, and you have the right to do whatever to it you please, but if you're planning a large project, it's thoughtful to alert any neighbors who potentially will be impacted by the project.
For example, if you plan to install the dumpster in the driveway and it's a shared-access driveway, you want to make sure your neighbor is okay with this first. It's not necessary to go into detail, but a simple heads up that you plan to have a dumpster on site and possibly a team of workers goes a long way.
If you fail to alert your neighbor and an issue arises in the future, this could toss a wrench in your project and lead to a great deal of back and forth.

Consider Dumpster Placement

Keep the entire community happier by considering the placement of your dumpster. Consider the previous scenario of a shared driveway space, for example.
In this instance, if you have room on the side or rear of your home, and it's convenient for you, having the dumpster installed in these areas is a better solution, as it doesn't infringe in any way on your neighbor's space.
Collect the dumpster dimensions and walk around your property to find the right location. With professional dumpster rental, it's all about customer convenience. As long as the truck can safely access the spot, you can have the dumpster installed where you please.

Be Mindful of Work Hours

Always be mindful of your working hours. Dumpsters are excellent for these projects, but it would be unfair not to mention that they can also generate a lot of noise. For instance, tossing books on the ground might not make a lot of noise, but throw them in a nearly empty dumpster, and it's the opposite.
For this reason, it's good to choose carefully when you work. You might feel energized at 6 am on a weekend morning, but if your neighbors are sleeping in, you may be greeted with a less than pleasant reaction. You could instead stage your waste and wait to toss it into the dumpster at a more acceptable hour.
Thinking about your neighbor today helps ensure your neighbor thinks about you in the event they embark on a home project in the future. From small projects to large construction, at Pro-Star Roll-Off Dumpsters we have the containers you need. 

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