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5 Essential Safety Tips to Know When Renting a Dumpster

A dumpster or roll-off container can be useful for all kinds of projects, but whether you're cleaning out the attic, throwing away materials during a construction project, doing a bit of landscaping, or anything else, you need to ensure you're safe. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Find a Stable Spot for the Dumpster

Before the dumpster arrives, make sure you have a flat stable spot for it to go. Putting the dumpster on uneven ground can increase the risk of it tipping over, and most reputable companies will not even drop off the dumpster if there's not a safe spot to put it. If you don't have room in the driveway or yard, keep in mind that you may need a permit to put the dumpster on the road in many areas.

2. Don't Attempt to Move the Dumpster Yourself

Once the company drops off the dumpster, never attempt to move it yourself. Even empty dumpsters can be extremely heavy, and trying to move it may cause back strains or other injuries. If it needs to be moved for any reason, contact the company that rented it to you.

3. Load Heavy Items Through the Door

If you have big heavy items such as old sofas or appliances, don't try to hoist them over the edge of the dumpster. That could also lead to sprains or strains. Instead, consider hiring a dumpster that has a door on one side. Have the door open and carry these items inside the dumpster. Once you've got the biggest, heaviest items loaded up, close the door and use the dumpster as usual.

4. Be Careful of Back Injuries

Beyond the tips above, you need to protect your back. If dealing with heavy bags of garbage, always lift with your legs. In particular, squat in front of the item, grab it with your arms and slowly stand up. Don't bend from the waist and try to pick up the item. To keep your back in the healthiest position, you may want to wear a back brace. It doesn't protect your back, but it reminds you to stay in the right position, and that gentle reminder protects your back.

5. Don't Get Inside the Dumpster

As explained above, when you first start loading the dumpster, you may want to bring heavy items through the door. In those cases, it's okay to get in the dumpster. You can see the floor of the dumpster, and you know what's in it. However, once you have had the dumpster for a few days and you've been putting various item inside of it, you should never climb into it.

There may be broken shards of glass, sheet metal or other items that could potentially hurt you. Even if you haven't thrown away items like that, you should still not get inside. You have no idea what items other people may have thrown into the dumpster when walking past it, and you certainly don't want to be stabbed with a hypodermic needle.

If you need to smash the garbage down to fit more in, you may want to rent a trash compactor. You can rent trash compactors that connect to the dumpster and help consolidate the garbage to make room for more. Otherwise, have the rental company take that garbage away and bring you a new empty dumpster.

In addition to the tips above, follow any safety guidelines given to you by the dumpster company. That includes not overloading the dumpster and loading it relatively evenly so it doesn't tip to one side. If you want more ideas or if you're ready to rent a dumpster, contact Pro-Star Roll-Off Dumpster today.

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