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4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Dumpster Rental Space


Cleaning out your house or backyard is made a lot easier with a dumpster rental. Filling up countless bags of garbage takes time and can be extremely tedious. With a dumpster rental, you have the space to toss out the trash and not worry as much.

When renting a dumpster, you want to get full value for every square inch inside the dumpster. Using up the most space will ensure you get rid of the items you need to with just a single rental.

By following our tips, you can help conserve space inside a dumpster and clear out as much as possible from any clean-up tasks you need to complete.

1. Leave the Door Open

A majority of dumpster rentals come with a large metal door that swings open and allows you to walk inside. Naturally, you may feel compelled to shut the dumpster and fill the whole thing up like a box, but doing this with the door closed is not always the best method.

For the start of your clean-up project, you should leave the dumpster door open and walk in with the items you are throwing away. By walking inside the dumpster, you can place down items, set them in an orderly fashion, and fill up less space by keeping things organized.

Once the dumpster is about half-filled, you can shut the door and continue to fill the dumpster as needed. Even though you filled the dumpster with trash, organized trash will take up a lot less space.

2. Wood Pieces and Debris

Some of your home and backyard clean-up may include material piles with long nails and screws. Not only is handling these objects dangerous, but the nails poking out can be a huge waste of space inside the dumpster. Pieces of wood and material like roofing cannot lay flat down if a nail is poking straight out of it.

Hammer out and remove nails from wood and other materials. Removing the nails allows you to lay the items flat inside the dumpster and save as much space as possible. Place the nails in an old coffee jar and stick the jar in the dumpster to dispose of it as well.

3. Get a Better View

Seeing inside the dumpster will help you decide the best places to place items. The typical height of a dumpster may make looking over the sides harder. You can get a better view of the dumpster by placing a ladder or step ladder on the side of it.

While on top, you can have a better view of the angles and places where you want to throw away items. Finding extra spots and open areas can help you dispose of as many items as possible.

4. Break Down Items

Breaking down items into their basic form can help you save a lot of space in a dumpster rental. No matter how big or small the item is, taking apart a few pieces can make a big difference. For example, if you're throwing away a flat-screen television, remove the bottom stand so the TV can lay completely flat and the stand can lay flat on top of it.

Bed frames, furniture, and other bulky items should be broken down into individual pieces. Take the extra time to break items down, and you can fit a lot more into a dumpster rental than you realize. Have a collection of tools ready for all different types of screws and bolts.

Plan out your full home cleaning by starting with a dumpster rental from Pro-Star Roll-Off Dumpsters. We have multiple sizes to accommodate your needs and using these tips you will be able to fill it up completely.

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