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4 Tips to Help Children Declutter With Dumpster Rentals

For some reason, our need for hoarding seems to come at a young age. Watching a child's room fill up with stuffed animals, toys, books, and clothes is pretty incredible, and after a while, you may realize how much has actually accumulated.
Multiple studies have shown that children with too many toys can become stressed and overwhelmed, and they no longer enjoy their playtime as much. You can easily reduce the number of toys and other items a child has with a roll-off dumpster rental.
Dumpster rentals are the ideal solution for decluttering your home, and there are multiple ways to help children get involved. Before a child dives head-first into cleaning out their room or playroom, read through these tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible.
1. 10 Toys for 1 Toy
As a child declutters, you want to minimize the toys they have so they can better appreciate the options available to them. For children, getting rid of toys may be hard, but you can make things easier by offering a rewards system. For every 10 toys a child gets rid of, offer them 1 free toy once the decluttering process is complete.
You may also stack this deal. For example, if a child gets rid of 20 toys, they may pick out 2 new toys the next time you visit a store. To help keep track of the toys, post a piece of paper right on the side of the dumpster. Every time a toy gets added, the child can place a check-mark or a sticker to signify the toy is tossed out. At the end of the clean-up, count all of the marks to determine how many new toys the child receives.
2. 6-Month Rule
Some children may have a hard time deciding on which toys to get rid of. To help give them a little perspective, introduce a 6-month rule for the toy. If the toy has not been used for 6 months, then you might as well toss it away.
The child clearly does not use the toy anymore, and it has become a waste of space. By following the same rule yourself, you will help declutter your whole house and fill the dumpster with a lot of items you no longer need.
3. Outgrown Items
There are many things a child may have that you didn't even realize they outgrew years ago. Look in playrooms, bedrooms, and outdoors for things the child is too big to use anymore. For example, you and your child could toss out old bikes with training wheels, child-sized furniture, or older toys like walkers and activity cubes. Removing these bulky objects will help make way for new products in the future.
4. Missing Limbs
When it comes to action figures, Barbie dolls, or other small toys, have your child follow the missinglimbs rule. Is an arm or a leg gone? The head popped off? Get rid of the toys and just toss them out. Toys break and accidents happen, but you do not need a whole pile of mutated toys.
If the child really enjoys the toy, then they can use a toy reward to get the same type of one in the future. It's not worth all of the super glue and hassle to keep these broken toys around.
Missing limbs may also refer to toy cars with missing wheels or puzzles with missing pieces. If parts are missing, then consider the toy garbage and throw it out. To help children get rid of these toys, consider using a buddy system where two toys go into the dumpster together. Children often anthropomorphize their toys, and if they feel like the toys are traveling together, it can help them cope with the loss.
To help get the process started, contact us at Pro-Star Roll Off Dumpsters. We have all types of sizes to help accommodate your needs.

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