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4 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Consider a Compactor Rental

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Owning a small restaurant means considering everything from decor to the menu to disposal options. You likely already use a dumpster as a form of waste management. You may also want to consider the use of a compactor to help with several aspects of your restaurant operation.

Here are some reasons that a trash compactor rental may benefit your eating establishment.

Reduce Pick-Up Costs

One of the issues you will notice with most disposal rental agreements are the costs associated with pickup. Once a week pick-up fees will likely be lower than a pick-up schedule with more days. As you increase the number of pick-ups, your rental agreement fees will also rise and add up quickly.

If you are trying to reduce the budget for the restaurant, a compactor can help immensely. The compactor reduces the amount of waste you are creating, which then reduces the amount of pick-ups you will need to clean out the compactors and bins. This reduction will begin to show in a matter of a few weeks, and the price difference will be particularly noticeable during annual budget reviews.

Improve Recycling

Many restaurants are trying to go green. This can cover everything from using locally sourced non-GMO meats to using green cleaning products. A compactor can help you labeled items as green in your disposal and recycling tasks.

When you use a compactor, you are doing several things. You are reducing the amount of waste that goes to a landfill. You are also breaking down items like cardboard, which makes them easier to compost.

In addition, a compactor will help you to keep a better watch on what you are putting into it as some compactors are restricted to what items they can handle. This can help your recycling routine at the restaurant improve because it will give you an added step in your waste management procedures to reduce waste overall.

Reduce Food Waste

An issue that many restaurants face is the large amount of food waste. This waste comes not only from the food that patrons do not finish, but also from rules regarding food.

Cities and states have different policies regarding food waste.  These policies cover everything from the disposal of food, including if food can be given for free to the homeless or to charitable organizations. IF there are policies that prevent how you can get rid of food waste, you may be left with a large amount of bin waste.

One way to deal with this waste is by using a compactor. The compactor breaks the waste down and keeps it away from the normal waste bins and dumpsters, reducing the chances of bugs and associated illness with molding food.

Reduce Liability and Increase Safety

When you use a compactor, you may find that you are also reducing liability risk for your restaurant. This risk comes from several factors including people trying to climb into traditional open dumpsters and getting injured while trying to get the food waste.

Most compactors have a locking mechanism. This prevents someone from being able to climb into the bin to get the waste. It also helps prevent animals from getting the food waste and dragging it along parking lots and surrounding business areas, which helps reduce your clean-up time and health issues that may result in health inspections and costly shutdowns. 

If you have specific compactor needs, contact ProStar Roll-Off Dumpsters today. A representative can help you choose the right rental options for your restaurant. We can also give you pricing, delivery and rental agreement options that will work for your unique restaurant business needs. 

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