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3 Household Items You Can Dispose of in Your Roll-off Dumpster


If you need to clean up your home or property, rent a roll-off dumpster to dispose of junk, trash, and unneeded items. Most homeowners know that they can use a dumpster to get rid of old household items, including worn-out clothing, old papers, and broken electronics.

However, you can put additional items in your roll-off dumpster. Here are just a few lesser-known household items you can put in your roll-off dumpster.

1. Yard Waste

How to dispose of yard waste poses a quandary for homeowners. Even seemingly small projects can have significant waste, and most cities have laws that dictate how and when you can throw away leftover landscaping project materials.

For example, the city of New Braunfels has strict regulations regarding green disposal and refuses to accept some types of yard waste at all. Green waste includes plant trimmings, small tree branches, and grass.

New Braunfels does not permit homeowners to dispose of green waste in the regular trash, as green waste can damage the processing equipment. Instead, homeowners must adhere to the green waste pickup schedule and follow specific guidelines when packaging the waste. Green waste collection will not accept soil, rocks, and certain types of plants.

A much more convenient option to dispose of your yard waste is to place it in your roll-off dumpster. Many roll-off dumpster companies accept your landscaping waste as is so that you don't have to worry about following a bunch of rules or holding onto the waste until it is your green waste pickup day.

Many dumpster companies also have no restrictions concerning the type of landscaping waste that you can put in your roll-off dumpster.

2. Most Appliances

Appliances are another tricky item for homeowners to get rid of, especially if they are no longer working. Though you can haul them to the landfill, this option is time-consuming, costly, and requires access to a truck or spacious vehicle.

Some cities do have a bulky item trash collection day, but this service typically costs extra and only occurs on certain dates. You don't want to worry about where you are going to store an old stove or dishwasher while you wait for your scheduled pickup date.

As long as your appliance does not contain Freon, you can throw your old appliances away in your rental roll-off dumpster. This eliminates the need to haul away these heavy, bulky items and prevents them from becoming eyesores.

3. Project or Storm Debris

When tackling home improvements, many homeowners choose to do some or all of the project themselves to save money. One notable area where homeowners can trim expenses during a project is by tackling the demolition. However, you must then figure out how to dispose of the old materials, and this can quickly eat into your project savings.

Instead, rent a roll-off dumpster to rid your property of your project debris. Not only is renting a rolloff dumpster a convenient alternative to hauling the debris away yourself, but renting a dumpster also helps you maintain a tidy work area because you can throw items away as you work.

Check with your dumpster company for any guidelines concerning building materials. Some may not accept materials with asbestos.

Storms are notorious for destroying trees, damaging your home, and wrecking outside structures. Fortunately, a roll-off dumpster holds debris and trash from all these damaged items so that you can restore order to your property as quickly as possible.

Don't delay cleaning out your garage or tackling that next landscaping project. Instead, contact Pro-Star Roll-Off Dumpsters today to rent a roll-off dumpster perfect for your cleanup needs.

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